JASMINER X16 High Throughput Power Server

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Product Glance:

The chip of JASMINER X16-P server is integrated memory and calculation which greatly improves the mining efficiency. Excellent performance and easy to use,Exquisite design, friendly interface and simple operation. Just need a few steps to set it up. Simple interface, only need power supply and network access to start mining. Excellent computing performance, efficient and concise IO expansion capability and high stability. Memory was increased to 8GB to handle increased mining demands.

Highlight I.

The JASMINER X16-P server uses integrated storage and computing technology to reduce power consumption and electricity costs are not barriers to mining any more.

Highlight II.

Low power consumption,more friendly to the environment.

Highlight III.

The energy efficiency ratio is 0.32±10% J/MH. Higher hashrate with lower power consumption.

Crypto Algorithm
Power Consumption
Power Efficiency
Chip Number
Cooling Way
Networking Connection Mode
RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M
Operating Temperature
Working Voltage
200 ~ 240V
Net Weight
Net Dimensions
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