JASMINER X4 High throughput 3U quiet server




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Product Overview.

JASMINER X4-Q is equipped with JASMINER's self-developed high-throughput intelligent engine, based on the world's leading "storage and computing" high-throughput arithmetic chip, specifically built for "complex giant" blockchain networks. It requires only 370w±10% of power consumption to obtain 1040MH/s±10% of ultra-high hash rate, providing a new performance to reduce cost and increase efficiency for applications such as home use, IDC server room or professional sites. With multiple advantages such as high potency&low consumption, easy deployment, silence and environmental friendly, it brings customers an absolute Comfortable Experience.

Highlight I.

Extreme efficiency&brilliant future
JASMINER X4-Q has a newly upgraded 1040MH/s ±10% stronger core computing performance and a 0.35 J/MH power consumption ratio, providing a fully promotion for the pursuit of ultimate performance, energy efficiency and extraordinary hash rate experience.

Highlight II.

Ultimate silence&maximum comfort

JASMINER X4-Q is designed with a structure optimised for extreme cooling performance, creating a flagship silent cooling system with lower noise 40dB±10%,stronger cooling, operating temperatures of 0-40°C and a noise level of 40 dB±10%, available for bedroom use as well.

Highlight III.

Great looking&great power
Thermal-friendly grille type artistic design, both highlighting the personality and the beauty of technology, hanging lugs on both sides enable the deployed in IDC server room, home or other environments, giving stable and surging power.

Crypto Algorithm
Power Consumption
CLASSIC 480±10% / NEW 370±10%(watt)
Power Efficiency
CLASSIC 0.46±10% / NEW 0.35 ± 10% (25 ° C ambient temperature, J /MH)
Chip Number
Cooling Way
Fan Number
Networking Connection Mode
RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M
Operating Temperature
Working Voltage
200 ~ 240V
40 dB±10%
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Net Dimensions
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